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Three plywood production methods introduced!

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Three plywood production methods introduced!

Release date:2016-12-30 Author: Click:

Today we Lianyungang plywood manufacturers to take you to understand the general method of making plywood it, plywood production methods generally damp heat, dry cooling, dry heat three. Dry and wet refers to the veneer used when the veneer is dry veneer or wet veneer. Cold and hot refers to the use of hot or cold pressure glued glued.


The shortcomings of the production of hot and humid method is: As veneer moisture content is high, so a long hot pressing time, low productivity, but also after hot pressing plywood drying. Because of the production of hot and humid board, so the larger internal stress, easy to warp deformation, and bonding strength is low.


The shortcomings of the production of dry and cold method is: the pressure for a long time, so the plywood production cycle is long. More suitable for small business production.


Dry heat production: is the use of peeling veneer after drying, so that veneer moisture content in the 8-12% range of adhesive assembly blank, in the hot press in the plastic pressure plate. This method is characterized by production: As a result of high-temperature bonding, so time is short, large output, and the bonding strength, product quality. Plate surface smooth, not easily deformed. Suitable for all types of adhesive production.

In this case,

Because this method overcomes the shortcomings of wet and dry method and dry cooling method. Production of more flexible, large, medium and small enterprises can produce and produce products more suitable for the needs of the market, therefore, the current domestic and foreign enterprises to produce plywood commonly used dry heat production.

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