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How to choose check sheet products?

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How to choose check sheet products?

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At present, the market variety of decorative materials, different grades, the price difference between the poor, fish, even the decoration of the company's professional materials procurement staff will inevitably be deceived. If you do not have a certain knowledge of identification, can not distinguish.

    Plywood is three or more layers of a millimeter thick veneer or sheet adhesive hot pressing. Common three plywood, five plywood, nine plywood and twelve plywood (commonly known as the market plywood, five-inch board, nine-inch board, 12 PCT board).

    Select the plywood to note the following points, the following we Lianyungang poplar plywood wholesale manufacturers to take you to understand it!

    1, plywood has the difference between positive and negative. Selection, the plywood to grainy clear, smooth smooth front, not rough, smooth to the touch.

    2, plywood should not be damaged, bumps, flawed, scar and other defects.

    3, plywood without degumming phenomenon.

    4, some plywood is two different lines of the board made of paste together, so the choice should pay attention to plywood patchwork should be tight, there is no rugged phenomenon.

    5, the selection of plywood, should pay attention to the selection of splint glue. If the hand knock plywood various parts, the sound crisp, then the quality is good, if the sound of nausea, then the splint has been scattered phenomenon.

    6, the selection of decorative veneer, but also pay attention to color uniform, consistent texture, and wood color and furniture paint color coordination.

    If you choose to buy high-quality poplar plywood, then you can refer to the above we introduce a few points for your selection, as Lianyungang quality poplar plywood wholesale manufacturers Lianyungang three source Wood Co., Ltd. has a wealth of production experience level, welcome to the major Manufacturers came to discuss the link!

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