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The Principle of Billet Formation of Poplar Plywood and Its Purpose

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The Principle of Billet Formation of Poplar Plywood and Its Purpose

Release date:2016-12-15 Author: Click:

Poplar packaging plywood on the principle of group and Chen Fang purpose, many new customers are not clear, this, from the poplar plywood packaging manufacturers for us to introduce.

Poplar packaging plywood manufacturers said that the principles of veneer plywood and Chen Fang purposes:

1, the principle of plywood group blank:

(1) the principle of interlayer texture arrangement (texture interleaving principle): adjacent two veneer fiber direction perpendicular to each other.

(2) the principle of odd layer: refers to the number of veneer composition of plywood is odd, when the group in order to follow the principle of symmetry, texture staggered principle, generally obey the odd layer principle.

(3) Symmetry principle: Require symmetrical center plane on both sides of veneer in tree species, veneer thickness, layer, veneer manufacturing methods, fiber direction, veneer moisture content should be symmetrical to each other. To ensure that the plywood structure is stable, will not produce distortion.

In addition, it means that the total thickness of plywood can be ensured, and different layers can be used. Ie the total thickness of the veneer is equal to the thickness of the veneers of each layer and (regardless of the compression ratio), the thick core veneer now produced conforms to this principle.

2, the purpose of plywood veneer:

I plant experts said that the plastic veneer put a period of time, known as aging (release). Divided into open aging and closed aging. Open aging is the sizing veneer for a period of time, and then group blank; closed aging is the veneer veneer blanket and then Chen Fang. Chen Fang purpose to make part of the glue in the water evaporation or infiltration of veneer, increased viscosity, increase the degree of polymerization, to avoid the hot pressing when the glue extrusion or infiltration of veneer, resulting in lack of plastic or through plastic to improve the bonding strength.

The above is about the principle of veneer plywood and the purpose of presentation Chen, if you want to learn more about this information, please call us. Finally, the three sources of wood I wish you a happy life.

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