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Paint Finishing of Poplar Plywood

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Paint Finishing of Poplar Plywood

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According to poplar plywood manufacturers experts said that we are in the poplar plywood for paint finishing is commonly used furniture, paint paints are divided into varnish and paint. Here is a semi-covered, translucent gray paint, through the paint surface can see the poplar texture, but the color of the paint surface is the same. This will allow customers to see the wood grain, while eliminating the color of wood, so that color unity.

1, the process requirements: This gray translucent paint in addition to the common process requirements, the very important point is that the final product and the paint color plate in color and transparency on the consistency. Some foreign customers have a clear request for paint, paint manufacturers will even recommend.

2, the paint process, according to the coating method is divided into spraying and roller coating, the process is as follows:

A. Parts sanding → primer → sanding → topcoat, called "a bottom side."

B. Parts sanding → primer → primer → sanding → topcoat, called "two bottom side".

Spraying process requires the operator in the hands of the spray gun is always perpendicular to the spray surface and parallel to a straight line to move, so that film thickness can be uniform, can not move the arc or slash. Roller coating process should pay attention to control the amount of paint, paint roller and the pressure between the plate to ensure that the paint surface after drying and color the same color.

3, furniture parts of the sanding: parts in the repair after the set by thick sanding, so that the thickness of the entire unit uniform. At this point to adjust the sanding machine set thick roller, to avoid sanding wave pattern, the processing defects in the paint will be more obvious after painting, thereby affecting the visual effects of the furniture. Poplar soft material, coarse sand will be fluffed, so sandpaper number can not jump too much, otherwise it will cause uneven thickness of the board, board finish is not good, thus affecting the performance of the paint.

4, the surface finishing of the process environment: paint suppliers are generally to the furniture manufacturers to provide production process standards. It has a lower temperature requirements, but it can not be too high, too high temperature will paint surface quickly dry, but the paint layer to dry, the formation of "fake dry" phenomenon. Paint the paint area should be ventilated to ensure the flow of air, timely discharge of volatile solvents, and keep the air clean, no dust.

The above is on the poplar plywood paint finishing process introduction, if you paint finishing process also need to know the place, please call Lianyungang three source of wood Co., LTD.

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