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Brief Introduction to Poplar Plywood

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Brief Introduction to Poplar Plywood

Release date:2016-12-15 Author: Click:

Many people are interested in poplar plywood puzzle process, then poplar plywood puzzle process which steps?

According to the poplar plywood manufacturers said that the dry wool will enter the workshop after planing, sawing, picking, milling, finger, glue, press the joint length, puzzle width and other processes, according to the size and shape of components, Finger-joint material, fight sheet, for the production of components used later.

The moisture content of the small board is 8% -10%, too high, too low or too much difference between the moisture content of the wood is one of the causes of defects such as open plastic parts, cracking, warping, deformation and other defects. Therefore, before processing, should be processed raw materials for moisture content inspection, to meet the requirements of the material before entering the processing.

As the poplar wood soft material, fiber toughness, in the planing and milling fingers in the process of teeth, if the tool is not sharp enough, often appear on the cutting surface fluff phenomenon, so that the entire processing surface is not smooth. Therefore, when processing to select high-quality tools, and pay attention to the repair and replacement of the tool to keep the blade sharp and minimize the reverse cutting wood. Aspen transverse tensile resistance is also poor, if the finger when the vertical pressure caused by the General Assembly refers to the root tenon cracking. Production should be used in accordance with the technical requirements of the adhesive and finger size of the specifications to determine the size of a reasonable finger pressure. Finger and puzzle pressure relief, according to the technical requirements of the adhesive, in a certain temperature conditions for a period of time, so that the full curing adhesive, and then the next step of machining.

Adhesive quality and performance of the furniture components of the bonding quality and environmental performance have an important impact, should be based on the characteristics of poplar furniture and performance requirements of the choice of the use of adhesives. Do not think poplar material is soft, adhesive can be used casually. On the strength and waterproof have certain requirements of furniture and parts, select the adhesive should consider whether to meet the performance requirements.

The above is on the poplar plywood puzzle process introduction, if you would like to know more with, welcome to the online message or telephone contact us. Finally, the three sources of wood I wish you all a happy life.

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