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Cracking Analysis of Poplar Plywood (Ⅱ)

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Cracking Analysis of Poplar Plywood (Ⅱ)

Release date:2016-12-15 Author: Click:

Poplar plywood manufacturers said that cracking is due to cracking of poplar wood panels caused, and occurred in the paint before coating, why the inspection process before packaging can not be found all the cracked parts, but to wait until the end of production after a period of time to find it ?? The reason is:

1, in the late dry, if the end of the treatment time is too long, or by high temperature regain the way to improve the moisture content of wood, wood will be in the state of compressive stress, so that the original cracks smaller and difficult to find.

2, after a number of processes in front of the obvious cracking of the plate components have been selected out, and cracking is not obvious, the crack has been closed but can not be re-linked together the board has not been selected, and ultimately be used in finished packaging Plywood.

3, after finishing the packaging of plywood components, in the storage process by the impact of external temperature and humidity, their often produce some stress on the changes. The stress is released through the cracks, the paint surface along with the deformation of the sheet, eventually leading to poplar wood packaging plywood crack.

Through the above analysis can be seen, to solve the problem of poplar wood packaging plywood crack should note the following aspects:

1, do a good job of dry aspen wood to avoid cracking in the drying process of wood.

2, choose to use the appropriate wood, try to avoid the use of easy to crack the heart of the wood, not because it is color paint packaging plywood and greatly reduce the level of raw materials.

3, in the poplar packaging plywood production process of each process to do a good job on the choice of raw materials, do not make the cracked sheet appears in the finished packaging plywood.

The above is about the cracking of poplar plywood part of the introduction, if you want to further understand the reasons for cracking, please call us. Finally, the three sources of wood I wish you a happy life.

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