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Analysis on cracking of poplar plywood (Ⅰ)

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Analysis on cracking of poplar plywood (Ⅰ)

Release date:2016-12-15 Author: Click:

Sometimes, we will find poplar plywood cracking phenomenon, then the cracking of the reasons for what? In the process of inspecting each component before packing the plywood, the inspector picks out the defective part for reprocessing. No defective parts packaging storage, storage in the warehouse for a period of time before shipment shipped abroad, this time through the re-inspection, will find some parts of the paint surface cracking. Cracks generally occur in the paint surface below the fingerboard inside the small battens, not in the patchwork Department, not simply paint the cracks, cut the crack at the cross-section can be seen in the wood surface cracking paint coating is occurring before.

Poplar plywood crack phenomenon may be due to:

1, the method of high temperature resurgence to improve water content, is one of the reasons for the finished product cracking.

2, in the choice of drying process, if the use of inappropriate drying standards, will also cause sheet cracking.

3, in the drying characteristics, both the northeast forest poplar, or the Shandong area of artificial cultivation of fast-growing poplar, in the high water content stage is easy to shrink faster drying. Shrinkage of the wood, and will be accompanied by surface cracks and internal cleft.

4, in the wood structure, poplar heartwood structure abnormalities, color redness, known as the heart, this part of the wood in the drying process, very easy to crack. And the product is paint packaging plywood, no color requirements, so in the production process, most likely due to the selection of materials used inadvertently this material.

Above is the poplar plywood on the analysis of the reasons for cracking, in particular, to remind the majority of friends, in order to reduce the cracking phenomenon, the time of purchase must choose regular professional manufacturers. Finally, the three sources of wood I wish you a happy life.

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