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Poplar wood packaging plywood processing points (a)

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Poplar wood packaging plywood processing points (a)

Release date:2016-12-15 Author: Click:

Speaking of poplar wood packaging plywood processing points, many customers may be not very clear, today please poplar packing plywood manufacturers for us a detailed description of the processing points.

Processing points 1, wood segment center concept, purpose and substance:

Concept: The completion of the wood segment rotation center line and the largest inscribed cylinder center line of the operation is called the center.

Purpose: ① wood segment has a sharp taper and bending, so in the peeling are inevitable when the broken veneer and narrow veneer, only spin in the cylinder and then a continuous strip veneer, only the right set Heart, to make broken veneer, narrow veneer reduced. ② The increase of the length of narrow veneer will cause the burden of the process after the process, increase the cost and energy consumption, such as cutting, splicing, drying.

The essence of a wood segment is to determine exactly the center of rotation of the wood segment on the peeler, maximizing the cylinders obtained.

Processing points 2, what is peeling, peeling curve, the nominal thickness of veneer, the first class of knife, the second type of knife?

Rotary cutting: wood for fixed-axis rotary motion, rotary knife for linear feed movement, rotary knife blade is basically parallel to the wood fiber, and vertical wood fiber length upward cutting, known as peeling.

Peeling curve: peeling, the knife edge in the wood section of the track traversed. Nominal thickness of the veneer: The feedrate of the toolholder when the segment is rotated for one week. The first type of knife: rotary knife when the knife relative to the knife does not move (not rotating), and the knife with a straight line into the knife movement. The second type of knife: rotary knife to do horizontal movement, and automatically around the horizontal axis through the card and the sword in front of the extension of the horizontal plane intersecting the axis for the fixed-axis rotary motion.

The above is poplar wood packaging plywood manufacturers on poplar plywood processing points of the introduction, if you would like to learn more about the plywood processing information, please call us. Finally, the three sources of wood I wish you a happy life.

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