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Veneer shearing and splicing of poplar plywood

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Veneer shearing and splicing of poplar plywood

Release date:2016-12-15 Author: Click:

Many people on the veneer veneer veneer splicing and splicing more interested, then what are the main cut and stitching way? On the poplar plywood manufacturers experts for us in detail.

Poplar veneer on the veneer splicing and splicing methods, poplar plywood packaging manufacturers commonly used methods are:

1, veneer cutting of the two processes:

Veneer cutting process are mainly dry and then cut the first dry after the first two:

(1) the first dry after the cut process: cut the dry veneer, dry veneer shear can not consider the shrinkage allowance, cut out the long veneer in the plastic when the fight is no longer homogeneous edge. Dry veneer cut when the grading is veneer storage and group blank when the judgments based on.

(2) the first cut after the dry process: peeling after the wet veneer shear directly, that is, shear board is wet veneer. Generally used for roller dryer. Due to shear after drying, but also the process of processing defects, so close to the edge of the defects can be temporarily not handled.

2, veneer stitching in two ways:

There are two main veneer splicing process, that is, the veneer longitudinal joints, veneer plastic fight:

(1) Longitudinal tape stripping machine, vertical without glue with machine, commonly used to splice backplane, suitable for a variety of different thickness of the veneer stitching;

(2) horizontal cross-strip type adhesive machine, mainly used for splicing the entire core board, can also be used to splice the backplane, horizontal with no glue with the machine, suitable for the edge of the single edge of the strip into a single adhesive Strip, and then cut into the whole veneer.

The above is the poplar plywood manufacturers on the veneer splicing and splicing methods introduced, if you would like to learn more about veneer splicing and splicing process, please call us.

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