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Poplar plywood cutting edge and sand off purpose

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Poplar plywood cutting edge and sand off purpose

Release date:2016-12-15 Author: Click:

On the post-processing of poplar plywood edge, sanding little-known purpose, then the main purpose of what is it? Next, from the poplar plywood manufacturers for our specific introduction.

Poplar plywood manufacturers experts said that the latter part of the cutting edge and the main purpose of sanding:

1, the purpose of post-processing cutting edge:

Definition: The post-processing is the process of repairing and subsequent production process due to the hot-pressing process defect of the board, so that the performance of the sheet is consolidated and improved.

Cutting edge purpose: to loose part of the four sides of the plate removed, the length and breadth of the sheet to achieve the required size.

2, what is sanding? The purpose of sanding:

Definition: Sanding is the most basic method used to improve the surface quality of wood-based panel industry.

OBJECTIVE: To reduce the thickness tolerance of the plate; to remove the pre-cured layer on the plate surface; to improve the surface quality grade of the plate.

In addition, in the plywood industry, as well as pollution problems also need our attention, the main pollution include:

Noise pollution: Plywood production of most of the equipment noise has exceeded expectations

Air pollution: (1) Exhaust gas from veneer dryer (2) Harmful gas generated during coating and hot pressing. (3) Dust emitted during sanding process.

Water pollution: ① wood section of the water generated when the peeling of waste water ② wood segment hydrothermal treatment of waste water ③ rubber, glue equipment and veneer dryer rinse wastewater.

The above is the poplar plywood manufacturers, if you intend to buy our factory production of plywood, welcome to contact our sales consultant, large Congyou Oh!

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