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Why do poplar plywood packaging?

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Why do poplar plywood packaging?

Release date:2016-12-15 Author: Click:

If you are careful enough, you will find that some of our common wood packaging, are generally poplar plywood packaging, then why do poplar plywood packaging to do it? In this regard, we invited manufacturers and technical staff to tell us about.

Poplar packaging plywood on the reasons for doing, mainly because: In recent years, due to excessive consumption of forest resources and the implementation of natural forest protection projects, China's manufacturing of wood raw materials, the source of growing tensions. Therefore, vigorously develop the application of fast-growing wood plantation has become the future development of the furniture industry is an important direction. Then in addition to poplar in addition to packaging plywood, what are the uses?

I plant experts said that poplar is a common fast-growing material, in China has a wide range of distribution. In recent years, some artificial cultivation of fast-growing Poplar, wood processing industry has been widely used as a plywood manufacturing, packaging industry, an important raw material. However, in the furniture industry, poplar as a result of a small density, low strength, soft material, easy to warp, easy to shrink when drying and cracking and other characteristics, has not been widely used. In recent years, after some international and domestic furniture company's attempt and production practice, proved that the production of poplar furniture and other species of furniture can be produced by the same customer favorite, domestic and foreign furniture market are poplar furniture sales.

The above is the poplar packaging plywood manufacturers some of the introduction, if you have Poplar plywood business plan to consult, you can contact us by phone or telephone technical advisers, we will answer your questions in the first time.

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