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Effect of Wood Structure and Adhesive on Plywood

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Effect of Wood Structure and Adhesive on Plywood

Release date:2016-12-15 Author: Click:

Plywood quality is affected by many factors, so what are the main aspects of it? Here on the poplar plywood packaging manufacturers to introduce us to the specific factors.

1, wood structure on the impact of plywood production:

(1) sharp taper: spin-out veneer, beautiful texture, but the impact strength.

(2) Wood-ray: can increase the veneer surface, but the impact of bonding strength.

(3) Hardness: too hard wood on the rotary cutter damage, processing easy to crack; too soft wood fluff, the board is not smooth.

(4) resin Road: resin more, peeling and drying, the resin will be stained Rotary knife and dryer, hot pressing and easy to produce degumming and bubbling and so on.

(5) Sapwood: Sapwood distinctly distinguish tree species, moisture content, wood hardness, shrinkage and expansion are different, affecting heat treatment, peeling, drying and hot pressing and other processes.

(5) Rings: ring hole material: such as Ash, early wood loose, a large hole, and the late wood dense, made veneer has a large pattern, but easily through the hot glue. Scattered material: wood density uniform density, spin veneer homogeneous smooth, and peeling thin veneer.

2, the production of plywood adhesives should have the conditions:

(1) adhesive curing can form a solid layer, with chemical stability, products with sufficient durability.

(2) Adhesive formation of the adhesive joint in its volume contraction, the resulting internal strain should be small, and should have the ability to gradually disappear.

(3) Adhesives should have sufficient fluidity, good wetting of the solid surface. There is good wettability, in order to form a strong combination, which is the primary condition.

(4) the use of a variety of adhesive characteristics are not the same, should be based on the use of the requirements with different performance. The use of performance mainly viscosity, concentration, active period, curing conditions, curing speed.

Poplar packaging plywood manufacturers to introduce here, and hope to read this article, we understand the plywood can be more profound. Finally, I wish you a happy life.

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