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What are the types of plywood?

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What are the types of plywood?

Release date:2016-12-15 Author: Click:

  Traditional wood because of limited production, can not meet people's production and living needs, so people invented the plywood, then the types of plywood on the main include what? Here we ask the plywood manufacturers experts to tell us about this problem.


According to plywood manufacturers experts said that in order to make full and rational use of forest resources development of plywood production, to make the best use of our newly developed national standards (approval of the draft) according to the use of bonding plate, the plywood is divided into decorative plywood Furniture, vehicles and shipbuilding decoration materials), general use plywood (for packaging, underlayment and the use of plywood), the use of plywood (used in construction, furniture, vehicles and ship decoration materials), the general use of plywood (for packaging, Other uses) and veneer decorative plywood (used as construction, furniture, vehicles, ships and other high-level decorative materials), plywood types according to the bonding strength is divided into:

(1) Class I (NQF) - weather resistant, boiling water resistant plywood. This type of plywood with durable, resistant to boiling or steam treatment and other properties, can be used outdoors.

(2) Ⅱ type (Ns) - water resistant plywood. It can withstand cold water or short-term hot water immersion, but intolerance boil.

(3) class III (Nc) - not resistant to moisture plywood. This kind of plywood is relatively poor performance, but this plywood is also the cheapest, more indoor use.

In addition there are other plywood some other classification methods, there will not be more introduced.

If you would like to know more about the plywood, or you have a plywood business plan to consult, please leave a message or telephone contact us. Welcome to our website! Plywood, plywood, plywood, plywood, plywood, plywood, plywood, plywood, plywood, plywood. Finally, the three sources of wood I wish you a happy life.

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