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Plywood choice What are the precautions?

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Plywood choice What are the precautions?

Release date:2016-12-15 Author: Click:

As the types of plywood more, we need to choose plywood, according to their specific needs to be set, then we choose to consider when the plywood which factors? The following by the plywood manufacturers for us to detail some.

Plywood manufacturers, experts say, we choose the plywood, it is noteworthy that the common decorative veneer is divided into natural wood veneer veneer and artificial veneer. Natural wood veneer is a veneer made of precious natural wood, sliced or cut. Man-made veneer is the use of relatively inexpensive price of logs made of veneer veneer, by a certain process of plastic pressed into the wood side, and then made by the planing with a beautiful decorative veneer pattern.

Usually veneer veneer of natural wood veneer is often decorated veneer pattern is good, worth high tree species, such as cedar, oak, rosewood, ash and so on. But should be stated in the name of the product, such as "cedar veneer plywood" or "Ash Plywood", or "cherry veneer". "Veneer", "slice", "veneer" all reflect the basic characteristics of "veneer". But can not be cedar wood, plywood and other abbreviations, because these referred to Fan refers to the plywood panel, floor by cedar or ash made of. Another problem is the growing number of furniture made from veneer panels. Although these furniture have the appearance of "Kashiwagi" and other woodgrains, the furniture is generally made of other wood. Today, these furniture are called "

The above is the plywood manufacturers on the plywood selection considerations, if you have questions about the choice of plywood, please call our technical advisers, our experts at any time for you. Finally, the three sources of wood I wish you a happy life.

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