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How much do you know about poplar plywood hot pressing?

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How much do you know about poplar plywood hot pressing?

Release date:2016-12-15 Author: Click:

We produce poplar plywood, the need for its hot-press processing, then poplar plywood on the hot pressing you know how much? The following experts from the poplar plywood packaging manufacturers for us to introduce.

1, briefly the purpose of plywood hot:

(1) reduce the thickness of the slab, thereby reducing the heat press plate open;

(2) may be appropriate to improve the hot pressing speed, shorten the hot pressing cycle, improve press productivity;

(3) increase the strength of slab, which is conducive to slab transport, to achieve no pad operation;

2, the purpose of plywood hot pressing and methods:

Hot pressing: slab in a certain period of time by heat and pressure made of a certain strength, density and thickness of the plate. Hot Pressing: The adhesive curing, so that slab compaction to the required thickness. According to the time characteristics or movement of slab: cycle hot pressing and continuous hot pressing.

According to the pressure method: flat, squeeze and roll. Plywood production commonly used flat pressure method. The above methods combined with each other, can become a variety of hot-pressing method, but the current is commonly used contact pressure cycle-type hot pressing, foreign equipment has a continuous hot-pressing method.

3, what is the hot-pressing temperature, hot-pressing pressure, hot pressing time?

Generally, the hot pressing temperature refers to the temperature of the hot plate, and is regarded as a heat source.

Hot pressing time refers to starting from the pressure plate fully closed starting pressure, to zero pressure, the pressure plate completely open so far. Hot pressing pressure with the maximum pressure per unit area of the slab size.

The above is the poplar packaging plywood manufacturers on the hot press of the introduction, if you would like to learn more about the plywood hot pressing information, welcome to the online message or telephone contact us. Finally, the three sources of wood I wish you a happy life.

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