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How much do you know about poplar plywood?

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How much do you know about poplar plywood?

Release date:2016-12-15 Author: Click:

We should have heard of poplar plywood, plywood manufacturers today by poplar wood packaging for us to introduce some of its basic information.

1. What is artificial poplar plywood?

Artificial poplar plywood is wood poplar plywood or other plant fiber as raw material, processed through a special process into a variety of unit material, the application of adhesive or without adhesive, under certain conditions, suppression Made of poplar plywood or profiles. the reason:

1) to improve the wood: timber use by anisotropy, natural defects and diameter restrictions;

2) to improve utilization, save resources, reduce the wood material requirements, make full use of processing residues;

3) Expanded the use of wood and added value, small diameter wood, low-grade wood modified, re-processed into single-poplar plywood lumber, wood shavings and other poplar plywood artificial wood plywood to replace the use of wood.

2. Brief description of artificial poplar plywood production methods:

Production methods of poplar plywood According to poplar wood veneer slab forming unit moisture content divided into three categories: dry; wet; semi-dry. According to poplar veneer slab in the finished product when the heating and heating is not divided into cold and hot pressing method.

3. Artificial poplar plywood is the basic nature of what?

(1) the appearance of performance: product size and bias, warpage, material defects, processing defects, the edge is not straight, two diagonal difference.

(2) intrinsic properties: including the physical properties of poplar plywood, mechanical properties, durability, surface properties and special properties.

A. Physical properties: water content, density, water absorption, swelling thickness of water absorption, free formaldehyde emission. B. Mechanical properties: bonding quality, bending strength, elastic modulus, internal bonding strength.

The above is the poplar packaging plywood manufacturers some of the introduction, if you want to know more knowledge, welcome to continue to pay attention to us. At the same time, the three sources of wood I wish you a happy life.

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