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What are the common types of plywood?

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What are the common types of plywood?

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In our daily life, often used in all types of plywood, plywood on the common types of what are the main? Here we will please plywood manufacturers experts for us to introduce.

On the common types of plywood, plywood manufacturers experts said, the main types are:

1, sandwich plywood with core board plywood.

(1) Blockboard: Board core composed of wood, wood can be between the adhesive, but also not sticky.

(2) Honeycomb panel: The core is composed of a honeycomb structure, the two sides of the board core usually have at least two veneers arranged vertically each other.

2, composite plywood: core (or some layer) from the solid wood or veneer other than the material composition, the core sides of the board usually at least two layers of wood grain perpendicular to each other.

3, decorative plywood: two surface veneer or one of the decorative veneer.

4, molding plywood: in the molding press in the non-planar plywood.

5, oblique plywood: two or more beveled plastic glued plywood to increase its size.

6, refers to the plywood: two or more than two plywood, the use of edge-type staggered combination of plastic method to increase the size of the plywood.

7, plate length: along the direction of the grain size of the table board; board width: the length of the vertical dimension; plate thickness: the appropriate size of the board surface.

Read the plywood manufacturers experts on the main types of plywood, we understand the type of plywood should be more profound, if you want to learn more about plywood or other sheet metal knowledge, please call us. Finally, the three sources of wood I wish you good health and family satisfaction.

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