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Lianyungang three source Wood Co

Contact: Zhou total

Mobile: 18550692255

Tel: 0518-88809333

E-mail: 422423400@qq.com

Website: www.sanyuanplwood.com

Address: Guanyun County, Guanyun Town, Lianyungang City, State Road 204, Peng depression

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Lianyungang three sources Wood Co., Ltd. located in the beautiful scenery. Is located at the junction of land and sea, north-south transition, north of Baita Airport, east of 100 million tons of Dagang, 310 State Road, north, the Long Road, east of the bridgehead of the Eurasian Continental Bridge - Guanyun County of Lianyungang City Sea railway, land, sea and air transportation is very convenient.

Founded in 2016, the existing management of 12, workshop production of more than 200 employees. The company mainly for customers in Japan and Europe and the United States. Was established in 2006, after nearly 10 years of development and control of the market, re - injection, the establishment of the Lianyungang three - source Wood Co., Ltd., The introduction of domestic and foreign professionals, and strive to restructuring Technology and Internet-based innovation of new production enterprises. All along, the company adhering to the "focus on quality and safety, with customers" development philosophy, the safety, quality and service as the company's core values, hope that through our efforts, can be exported to the formaldehyde-free high-quality plywood transported to Domestic home improvement market for the purpose, so that no formal home furnishings in-depth real family. The company has been doing foreign trade for nearly 10 years, has been bound by international standards themselves, the most attentive service to our customers. In Lianyungang and the surrounding set a good corporate image, but also in the international market plywood has a good reputation.

The quality of products related to the lives of enterprises, the development of enterprises depends on constant innovation. The company has always been committed to the development of new products and improve product quality, the company's products sell well throughout the world and exported around the world, by the user's generally welcomed.

Quality and perfection is our constant pursuit of customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal. "Loyalty, fraternity, efficient and progressive" spirit of enterprise will always encourage the three sources of people make persistent efforts to provide users with the most beautiful products, the best of the best services.

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